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  • Not enough space in your house or flat?

  • Give it to us where we can safely and securely store it

  • Choose your time period whether it be short term or long term

  • Whatever size or shape of item

  • We offer a very versatile, economical and secure room based or containerised storage

We offer an individual storage service for those excess household items, this could be the solution to creating more space in your home! We can store items such as excess garden furniture, caravans, sports equipment etc.

Not all house or office removals can be completed in one transaction. There may be delays in transferring funds for example, or perhaps your new home isn’t ready to move into. There can be many reasons why you may need to put your house contents, furniture and belongings into storage and here at Right Shipping we’re well equipped to take care of everything until you’re ready to move in.

We also cater for students who want to store with us term time or during their holidays.

why are we so much cheaper?

We’re often asked how we can be so much cheaper than our competitors.

  • Firstly we keep our overheads low. We can do this because our branches are not located on the high street (where you would pay a big premium).

  • Secondly, we don’t have a head office – we work on a local level.

  • Thirdly our staff are multi-taskers. We do more than sit behind a desk answering the phone. We drive the vans and we ARE the Free Collection service.

furniture storage

Cheap furniture storage here (that’s cheap storage, not cheap furniture)

personal & commercial storage

Need that spare room back? Our storage is inexpensive and comes with a free collection.

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