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Packing Services & Packing Materials

Moving house and all of your precious furniture and possessions must be done carefully in order to protect fragile

and delicate items and ensure that nothing gets broken in transit.

It is not advisable to skimp on packing materials. Instead use the packaging materials used by professional removals companies

and your treasured items will all be transported safely to your new home.

If we are packing for you then the cost of materials will be included in your quotation.

Otherwise we can supply a full range of packing materials for high quality, secure removals packing.

All of the boxes we supply are made from recyclable cardboard. We offer Packing Services in the following levels:

Full Packing Service

Where we pack all your loose complete household belongings,

like books, toys, CDs / DVDs, glass, china, kitchen, items, picture frames, to name a few.

Fragile Packing Service

If you would rather pack your non-fragile items, and we just take care and professionally pack your glass, china and other breakables, then the Fragile Packing Service is best suited for you.

Unpacking Service

How amazing it would be, if someone were to unpack your lose items after a long moving day! Well, thats what we can also offer. We will unpack your items and leave them in the appropriate rooms for you to arrange later at your own convenience. We will also take back all our packing boxes and materials with us after we finish unpacking.

Packing Materials

We provide comprehensive range of packing materials that can be used for

not only shipping, moving or storage but also for general domestic purposes too. These materials are used in

  • Hourly quotations that require supply of packing materials

  • Part packing Quotations

  • Full pack Quotation

What your quote includes: Hanging wardrobe boxes, Tailor-made padded sofa covers, Plastic mattress covers, 

Carpet protectors, Trained, trustworthy and uniformed staff, Modern, clean, reliable, bespoke-built removal vehicles

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